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Gary W. Capone, owner of Palladian International, has authored three job search books.

Resume Objective Statements and Professional Summaries

Resume Objective Statement BookResume Objective Statements and Professional Summaries will show you how to start your resume with an introduction to grab a hiring manager’s attention. Your resume will become a powerful and impressive sales tool for your job search. Unlike other books on resumes that provide a chapter or two on objective statements and professional summaries, this book attacks the topic. Numerous examples are provided, analyzed and improved. Each step is explained in detail. You will learn how to create a powerful, impressive and effective introduction that will make an impact and get results. 


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Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers front cover

Learn resume writing best practices tailored to manufacturing careers to gain an edge over your competition with our 'how to' guide. The book provides step-by-step instruction to help you write an effective resume, including specific examples of how to make the strongest impact. Each example is tailored to manufacturing, featuring production management, scheduling, quality, engineering, inventory management and maintenance careers. The book teaches you how to assess your resume using the same techniques we use in our Resume Assessment service. It also provides specific answers to the questions many job seekers struggle with, such as how to present your work history after being laid off several times, how much of your work history needs to be included on your resume or how return to a manufacturing career after leaving the industry.

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power up book cover

Power Up Your Job Search: A Modern Approach to Interview Preparation

The Power Up Interview Preparation book offers detailed step-by-step instructions for improving interview skills.  The techniques taught in the book were developed to quickly prepare a person to interview effectively.  The book begins with several chapters on the basics of interviewing.  From there, it dives into specific techniques that to improve an individual's interview performance.  Next, the book details strategies for specific types of interviews.  Finally, the book concludes other perparation steps necessary before and interview.

Although the Power Up Interview Prep Approach is designed for seasoned executives, the book provides an initial foundation making the techniques accessible job seekers of all levels.  Recent college graduates to top executives will find the approach easy to implement and extremely effective.  The core of book are the exercises at the end of each chapter.  Each exercise guides the job seeker to complete a short activity that will improve their ability to interview. Learn more

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